Geek Castle


geekGeek Castle officially opened in June of 2014. While I’ve had other shops open under different names, this was a new start and a brand new shop to start with. While I’ve been selling various crafts on Etsy for over 4 years now, I feel that I have finally found my niche with Geek Castle. The idea started when I first started college. Trying to stand out was difficult and while I’ve always been a fan of jewelry and especially, geeky jewelry I found that the prices were just becoming way too much. I’m always trying to find some way to be expressive without having to be so verbal about it. One year, I went away to an anime convention where I was inspired by all of the artists and creators selling their one of a kind (OOAK) nerdy jewelry. This inspired something in me to start creating my own goods with personality.

It began with long hours on youtube watching tutorials, extensive supply hauls from Michael and a good nicks and pinches from the needle and thread to get to the point where I am now. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of Etsy and what it can do for many shops and creative minds out there. Not only have I had many successes with my online stores but this has also been a great experience to become expressive in what I create and it’s a release from the stressful real working world where my creativity is kept to a limit. I have had great memories from fans responses such as they LOVE Geek Castle’s creations as going as far to creating one of a kind pieces for geeks out there, shipping my creations all over the globe including to Japan, and to even creating a matching jewelry collection for a full wedding party. It’s an wonderful experience that I am glad to be a part of!