Z’isle Interview with Creator Lateef Martin


Imagine. It’s 7 years after the Zombie Apocalypse in the city of Montreal. As the city is located on an island surrounded by water, Montreal is one of the most ideal places for such an occurrence. The remaining population of the city is still fighting to carry on with life after the initial fear of the outbreak. New communities emerge and fall apart, but one thing is certain – survival…


Fangirl Friday – MK Comics, Spongebob Movie & Garrus Pop Vinyl!!

Fangirl Friday 03-13-15

Squeeze me till I pop! This silly song has been stuck in my head ever since I watched the Spongebob Movie. :3 Also I’m too excited that N.E.R.D is making new music. I’ve missed you guys! <3 So this fangirl friday is a very special one, because I just got back from Pax East! Let’s just say that this year was over 9000 times better than last year! Though I…